Friday, January 2, 2009

I took 3 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Ankeny, Iowa.

7:55 am

wakin up, then going to work... lame. atleast it's friday i guess.

9:39 am

Coda 1.6.2 fixes a couple of boners that were discovered in Coda 1.6.1.

10:10 am

@aeongrey that is a pretty good one.

12:29 pm

kristin didn't know that today was a holiday here, haha. i told her, she got pissed, left, and now i have the office back to myself, ha.

3:02 pm

integrating Payflow Pro into a site... playing with APIs makes me giddy.

3:40 pm

got a lot done today - headin home.

4:28 pm

Got my flourescent down... Now I need a light.

5:13 pm

Novatron 240
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7:17 pm

welp, i got the flourescent light ripped out for my new bar lighting... the only problem is - i haven't picked out/can't afford a new light

8:17 pm

havin some drinks with nick n nicole.
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9:08 pm

@right65 my house. not sure whats going on later - if anything.

9:26 pm

NPL Bags

11:44 pm

bags with wingert iulia and the npler