Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wrote 10 microblogs.

8:30 am

having a hell of a time getting out of this bed.

9:20 am

whew. i think i got all our fires put out. now maybe i'll shower and head into work.

10:32 am

someone just wrong numbered me with a "moshi moshiiiiii"

1:30 pm

adam wiggins is a smart man. that yaml_db plugin just saved me.

2:33 pm

oh noes! more fires!

5:59 pm

that was a rough server day. headin home.

6:44 pm

i foresee a martini disappearing into my mouth tonight.
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8:18 pm

you will find me at the ankeny tonic in 25 with rico and nathan.

10:04 pm

take a braunschweiger loaf, cut off 1 end, jam a whole dill pickle into it, and cut it into slices. we just came up with that. i bet it's aw

10:57 pm

diverse and red are here drinking champagne, haha.