Sunday, January 4, 2009

I wrote 1 blog, took 3 photos, and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Des Moines, Iowa.

9:38 am

awake and ready to be productive.

11:20 am

writing my first blog of 2009.

12:24 pm

Blogged about Bring on 2009!?

12:53 pm

2:46 pm

playing with drupal. thinking it would be a good fit for

4:11 pm

there is nothing better than a freshly opened box of wheat thins.

5:58 pm

broomball is gonna be a little chilly tonight. debating getting pizza before the game.
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6:47 pm

trying out frank's pizza with jeff and iulia.

6:59 pm

Pizza at Frank's

6:59 pm

Pizza at Frank's

7:25 pm

done with dinner a buit early - i have no idea what to do for the next hour in this drake neighborhood.
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8:16 pm

Brenton Plaza Zamboni

9:30 pm

lost by 1, dang
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11:44 pm

setting up drupal is stupid easy. i hope sleeping is just as easy.