Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I wrote 13 microblogs.

12:36 am

home. i havent had a decent bar weeknight like that in a bit. that was nice

12:48 am

@ricolarson no way.

1:00 am

i completely led one of my best friends into trouble tonight. i am a dick.

7:41 am

whew. everythibg is off to a good start.

12:08 pm

can't wait to get me one of those pomegranate phones.
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1:22 pm

a whole week without my coat!? i hope lechi does good work.

2:47 pm

hadouken! seems like a direct rip off of mindless self indulgence.

3:18 pm

@mikeharper ghostbusters

4:09 pm

indeed is really stupid word.

6:35 pm

Error: is not a function. I am awesome.

7:04 pm

@maydayyo sure did. way to have a sweet wedding.

8:35 pm

headin to the cab for zachs bday

11:20 pm

frackin bedtime, maynard!