Friday, January 30, 2009

I took 34 photos and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Lakewood and Des Moines, Iowa.

7:43 am

look ma! no snooze button!

9:19 am

@harper seriously. the time syncing between the mosso servers is horrible. i now order most of my stuff by PK instead of time, wtf.
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12:43 pm

son of a! i got tagged in a 7 things blog as "Derek, because i wonder if there are 7 things to do in Iowa besides grow corn"

1:41 pm

lunch @ francies with bob n todd.

2:17 pm

Cold Coors Light - Blue Mountains

3:18 pm

Warm Coors Light - White Mountains

4:20 pm

back from lunch. i have a feeling tonight is gonna be one of those nights i wish i had a personal driver.

7:43 pm

eatin some pizza then heading down to watch the shams play in the dm games. you should come hang out with me.
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9:33 pm

sittin at legends, havin a hennessey, getting ready to go watch some broomball.

10:20 pm

One of the Rec games

10:21 pm

Broomball at Brenton

10:21 pm


10:24 pm


10:25 pm


10:26 pm

Zach and Nick

10:28 pm

Ice Monkeys vs. Shams

10:29 pm

Trent bringing it down the ice

10:31 pm

Zach! Don't Shoot!

10:33 pm


10:33 pm

Marcus laying out

10:33 pm

Finkin and Bolander

10:36 pm

Ice Monkeys on D

10:36 pm

Dripping Blood
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10:38 pm

Bloody Shams Jersey

10:38 pm

Trent's Busted Chin

10:39 pm

Trent's blood on the ice

10:40 pm

Soaking up the wrong spot

10:40 pm

Think this band-aid will do?

10:42 pm


10:46 pm

Fred sliding into the goal

10:48 pm

Ice Monkeys bringing it up

10:50 pm

Nick's Wingspan

10:51 pm

Bolander and Zach

10:52 pm

Finkin bringing it up

10:52 pm


10:53 pm

Hall vs. Leeper

10:53 pm

hall vs. Leeper

10:54 pm

Chad stretching out

10:55 pm


10:55 pm

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11:41 pm

Nasty Beer Mustache
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