Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I wrote 8 microblogs.

8:18 am

i dreamt that i tweeted in my sleep. ...not sure if that's better or worse than dreaming about the possibility of a mac mini release today
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9:49 am

my macworld prediction: new mac mini, dual monitor support, no firewire, and myself being mad about the no firewire.

11:37 am

this 4chan macrumorslive.com hack is hilarious

12:08 pm

this is a stressful macworld keynote for me, haha. what have i become!?
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12:35 pm

another keynote without my dual monitor mac mini. sad day.

1:42 pm

fancy burgers at red robin with todd.

8:54 pm

just got done helping ando and nathan move songs from an SD card to a usb flash drive, ha

9:40 pm

for some reason i only feel like only doing mindless things tonight. kinda sucks.