August 10, 2008

I wrote 10 microblogs.

Yep, dark knight was good. But I still have a hard time getting past batman's voice.
@kevinswitzer make it better
About to get out of bed. I am a complete bum this weekend.
What do you do when you're still in your underwear and people ring your doorbell? 1 comment
Having some trouble saving my flickr photos locally through the api. I wonder if they frown on this and block it...
Hahaha. apparently elmo was the one ringing my doorbell earlier. There's a "rick langel for ankeny board" sign in my garage.
Goin to aunt vicki's for birthday dinner, etc.
Just had some amazing tacos. Playin horseshoes.
Heading home. Nice night with the terronez family. Fish tacos, horseshoes, cigars, fancy cake, etc.
Google street view is finally available for des moines! Weeeeee!