Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I wrote 7 microblogs.

7:48 am

Last night I switched a few of my google groups to just send me daily abridged email - my inbox is already much happier.

12:39 pm

just had a client tell us they'd upgrade all their employee browsers to firefox for an app i'm writing. no ie6, what the awesome?

1:08 pm

@KevinSwitzer don't read them

2:47 pm

anticipating a new ipod touch announcement this week. new sizes, lower prices, and external speakers.

4:56 pm

i'm sorta sad that when i ripped all my cds a few years ago, i did so at 160kbps.

7:12 pm

Oh boy kari's home and wants drinks. I guess that pretty much wipes out my plans for the night.

8:42 pm

since my cigar party: the Macanudo green and the cristal wrapped one were light, smooth, good. I Just had the CAO Mx2: awesome, buzzin hard