August 8, 2008

I wrote 11 microblogs.

I've got an idea for the des moines liars club. Put pics of gilrs in your fucking bathroom. Not guys.
I'm currently drunk enough to be giving myself a pep talk in the mirror. You assholes. See you tomorrow
Just spent the last half hour trying to catch some beetle-ish bug with chopticks. I won. But I should prolly sleep before 4
I really wish I wouldn't have seen 3am last night. Today and tonight are gonna be rough.
at work. rejuvenating with a dewski, the ting tings, and datarock.
got a massage... going to get my day-after subway.
Being force fed bloody marys by my boss at 801
My boss just bought me a glass of walker blue. Awesome. 3 comments
Waiting for kari to get home with the keg so I can take a quick nap.
Of any of you stop ay the store, can you hrab me a sugar free red bull? 1 comment
The keg is tapped and the fancy cheeses are out. Bout to party.

Listened to

Datarock, The Ting Tings, The Animals, Trouble Andrew, MGMT, and Him