August 22, 2008

I took 19 photos and wrote 14 microblogs. I was in Marion.

Trying to pack for the weekend, but I can't find my clothes. My closet is in deparate need of some organization.
Ohp, found all my clothes in the washer. Headin to work.
@ToeB1 shoulda waited a month for the new awesome one.
Jordan creek. Apple store and food.
Anyone in dsm wanna shoot video for a road rally sept 20th? Need videographers bad. 1 comment
whoa, i have gone nearly 2 days without firebug and didnt even notice. weird.
Just realized I'm the only sucker still at the office. I'm outta here.
Dinner reservations at 7:30 in cedar rapids. Bustin outta town.
@harper what's your active user base?
@harper Let people set their poll intervals, with a min of like 120s or 180s. Default em at 5 mins
Dinner at Cibo fusion.
Harper puts dildos in his butt
I have a feeling that if I'm not rich in 5 years my life is gonna be screwed. 1 comment
Cigars and henney

Listened to

M83, Insane Clown Posse, Minotaur Shock, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Justice, Ween, Estelle, E Dubb, and Rhymefest