August 18, 2008

I wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Eldora.

full of chinese food and diet coke. and actually writing tests for this rails app.
@harper for real.
Anyone else feel bad about blaring songs with raunchy lyrics at stop lights? I use my mute button quite a lot. 1 comment
why do gay dudes always love my cigar pics on flickr? i mean, i know why, but dammit.
Skatin off a few of those minutes
So apparently ninja broke his damn tail. Awesome. 1 comment
Just geotagged a few more pics. I only have 500 more that aren't tagged, haha. Hittin the sack.

Listened to

Muse, Linkin Park, Aesop Rock, Yelle, Nine Inch Nails, Natas, Tech N9ne, Menacide, Mindless Self Indulgence, Orgy, Death From Above 1979, and Cypress Hill