Saturday, August 23, 2008

I took 8 photos and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Iowa and Illinois.

1:08 am

Whoa boy. Talk about pressure. I've got some serious figuring out to do. Dammit - why.

9:13 am

Rollin around in bed tryin to wake up

11:39 am

Clone Trooper

11:40 am

Wind Turbine propellers. Billboard and Water Tower for scale

12:19 pm

Driving to the wonderful qc of a

2:08 pm

At grandma and grandpas 50th anniversary. My old church got huge

2:59 pm

At grandma and grandpa's 50th

3:18 pm

with my grandparents

3:20 pm

An amazing photo of my grandparents

5:26 pm

At mom's. Meeting her bf

7:46 pm

There's a dude playing polo outside my moms house, awesome

8:22 pm

Mom got me a store-bought cake, heh.

9:04 pm

Wii Boxing with Mom

9:10 pm

Wii Boxing, ha.

10:05 pm

My mom is seriously owning everyone at wii boxing

11:21 pm

Bored and going to bed before midnight on a saturday. Man I am awesome.