August 14, 2008

I wrote 10 microblogs.

my massage lady found my youtube videos, haha. she apparently liked the one of nathan soaping wasted in college.
Granite city patio. Buffalo burger, slaw, and a benny. Oh yes.
@harper wtf, when I showed that to you, you said, "I don't like this kinda booty music" 1 comment
@KevinSwitzer don't you have a house now? they'll just leave it on your step if you want.
Heading to the des moines cornell cya event
Leaving cya, heading to the dsm web meetup
That web meetup was really good. I'm excited. Celebrating ando's bday at the outer limits, haha. This place is hilarious. 1 comment
Stix for a second.
Today was awesome. Completely random meetups, good friends, good drink, good foo- wait a minute. I forgot to eat dinner!
Whew. Veggie corndogs to the rescue

Listened to

Hank Williams III and E-40