Sunday, August 31, 2008

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 14 microblogs.

12:11 am

stix now stat asap

1:32 am

peope watching themselves dance in mirrors is the most hilariouis thing ever. ...and my farts too.

1:48 am

walkin home from stix solo

2:16 am

whoa boy. just ask pete, theyre his sakes. and ive got a 16 penny nail in my pocket.

11:09 am

hooking my mom up with some workout music for her ipod

11:27 am

my mom doesnt like fluffmaster

1:03 pm

trying to figure out what to do today. i think i'll start by cleaning up the back yard.

4:57 pm

5:14 pm

Twenty Seven Years Young

5:31 pm

goin to becky and jim's. a party that's not at our house? ftw!

6:28 pm

this party has kids at it! trying to figure out what to do next...

8:24 pm

cab for a tini

10:07 pm

rico, nick, nathan, kari and i at the cab. hilarious conversations. i cant wait for all their phones to vibrate from this tweet.

10:55 pm

i wish someone wood take off my shirt and socks

10:59 pm

ive got a wouldy