Saturday, September 13, 2008

I wrote 1 blog, took 8 photos, and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in West des Moines, Clive, and Ankeny, Iowa.

12:03 am

good night. i like hangin out with wingert. i should really do that more.

9:45 am

oh bob saget!

10:39 am

going to the gym with kari. then, maybe meeting one of you iowa/iowa state fans for a bit of football.

11:41 am

why is isu opposed to astroturf? ... the cheerleaders wouldnt be able to graze. haha, get it? cause isu cheerleaders are like cows...

11:53 am

My Good Luck Iowa Hawkeye Soap Goas

12:27 pm

taking out my left nipple ring before it migrates out

12:55 pm

meetin nick and friends at legends on 50th

2:15 pm

it was my black and gold suede soapshoes. good luck charms.

3:58 pm

Sweet Iowa Hawkeye IH truck, ha.
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4:05 pm

5 oktoberfests before four. whoa boy

4:05 pm

Wifey drivin the truck

4:13 pm

I Saw Tommie Sunshine at Best Buy

5:08 pm

unsure who i should sue - harper or metallica.

5:19 pm

a photo i took with my sony clie is in the new metallica cd. and harper's name is in the credits cause he stole my pic and gave permission
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6:30 pm

The Metallica Death Magnetic Cover

6:31 pm

My Photo In The Metallica Death Magnetic Booklet

6:31 pm

The Bottom of the Death Magnetic Booklet
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6:32 pm

Harper Reed - Getting credit for my photo.

8:05 pm

8:25 pm

Do I Sue Metallica? Or Do I Sue Harper?

10:13 pm

just had sushi again, bout to play wii with the leeperlands