September 2, 2008

I wrote 8 microblogs.

sorta glad to be back at my desk at work, heh. some serious javascripting is gonna go down today.
francies. beef dip.
going to check out google chrome on the only PC in the office...
yep, google chrome is nice. the tab process thing is probably my favorite part. firefox always kills me in that department.
ankeny rush hour is annoying.
playing internets with nick. and drinking hamm's... stupid party leftovers
annoyed that harper is the only one of my friends who can't figure out how to share his google reader items with my non-gmail google account
i love that all the new web browsers have transparent png support

Listened to

Young Jeezy, Pink Floyd, Tech N9ne, Cadence Weapon, Aeon Grey, Against Me!, Crystal Castles, Apparat, Hot Chip, Mos Def, The Black Keys, Teriyaki Boyz, The Presets, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, and more...