Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I wrote 8 microblogs.

9:07 am

sorta glad to be back at my desk at work, heh. some serious javascripting is gonna go down today.

1:33 pm

francies. beef dip.

2:25 pm

going to check out google chrome on the only PC in the office...

2:59 pm

yep, google chrome is nice. the tab process thing is probably my favorite part. firefox always kills me in that department.

5:32 pm

ankeny rush hour is annoying.

7:56 pm

playing internets with nick. and drinking hamm's... stupid party leftovers

10:38 pm

annoyed that harper is the only one of my friends who can't figure out how to share his google reader items with my non-gmail google account

11:50 pm

i love that all the new web browsers have transparent png support