Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wrote 11 microblogs.

12:13 am

@harper the first time i heard tom waits, i was in an old school cadillac, windows down drivin down the highway to chicago.
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12:21 am

issa bedtime

7:55 am

not sure if this is allergies or the start of a cold... but im not happy about it

8:42 am

we're outta dewski!
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12:24 pm

i am pretty hungry for a giant bowl of pho.

1:19 pm

88 with lemon sauce and a 14c.

2:16 pm

i really shouldve washed my hands after tearing that hot red pepper apart.

4:45 pm

@vw wtf?

4:47 pm

@vw you are a bitch. i hope you do get fired now.

7:15 pm

meetin diverse at OC.

10:09 pm

tantha thorington