September 9, 2008

I wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Ankeny.

well at least apple didnt increase the ipod touch storage to accomodate real libraries - or else i'd be pretty annoyed and tempted.
meetin nathan at the firkin and the fox
@kevinswitzer and youll never get sick of it either
spose i better go pick up dog shit and mow my lawn. lame.
a dark beer sounds so good right now. unfortunately my fridge is full of cheap yellow beer. 1 comment
going to hyvee to pick up some real beer
2 spaten optimators to the rescue! hanging out with kari.

Listened to

Ween, Teddybears, Datarock, The Roots, Osborne, Kill Memory Crash, Ben Benjamin, School of Seven Bells, The Reflecting Skin, Aeroc, Cepia, FLYamSAM, Matthew Dear, JDSY, Mux Mool, and more...