September 19, 2008

I took 4 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Chicago.

i like the new twitter look, however, a working IM bot would be cooler than a redesign. twitter is more fun away from the computer, right?
i just sneezed while shaving, haha. shaving cream everywhere!
man, my imac had 10 updates, which i started an hour ago. good thing i still have this old g5 around. much work to do!
getting a little bit worried that my imac isn't gonna come back up. it's been configuring installation for an hour.
headin to chicago. droppin the dog off at the harley store on the way.
getting tired of the emails coming to my phone from all the political comments on my site
just got into illinois. hopefully the drivers are less annoying on this side of the river.
@lucky33 once i saw a hatchetman and a rebel flag on a truck. but icp has a song called fuck your rebel flag. 2 comments
pulling into chicago. i see lots of brake lights
steph's place is ridiculous, haha
turns out dates wrapped in bacon are awesome
aww man, dr bob n cheryl just left the party. i didnt even get to talk to them much. 1 comment

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