Friday, September 19, 2008

I took 4 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

7:54 am

i like the new twitter look, however, a working IM bot would be cooler than a redesign. twitter is more fun away from the computer, right?

8:04 am

i just sneezed while shaving, haha. shaving cream everywhere!

10:04 am

man, my imac had 10 updates, which i started an hour ago. good thing i still have this old g5 around. much work to do!

11:14 am

getting a little bit worried that my imac isn't gonna come back up. it's been configuring installation for an hour.

2:02 pm

headin to chicago. droppin the dog off at the harley store on the way.

4:33 pm

getting tired of the emails coming to my phone from all the political comments on my site

4:43 pm

just got into illinois. hopefully the drivers are less annoying on this side of the river.

6:30 pm

@lucky33 once i saw a hatchetman and a rebel flag on a truck. but icp has a song called fuck your rebel flag.

7:03 pm

pulling into chicago. i see lots of brake lights

7:49 pm

steph's place is ridiculous, haha

8:52 pm

turns out dates wrapped in bacon are awesome

9:30 pm

Flash/Lens Test

10:46 pm

Hanging out at Steph's

10:46 pm

aww man, dr bob n cheryl just left the party. i didnt even get to talk to them much.
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10:47 pm

Marianne and her friend whose name I cannot remember

11:48 pm

At Steph's