Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 10 microblogs.

8:28 am

i had bad/crazy dreams.

8:40 am

pink floyd has been the official music of my morning routine for the past couple weeks, heh.

10:11 am

heh heh heh, @toeb1 and @right65 are gonna do it.

10:48 am

10:59 am

Why I Might Vote This Year - A Non-Voter's Take

12:56 pm

i'm looking for a chipotle lunch partner. anyone? anyone?

4:32 pm

i am the smartest man alive.

5:52 pm

got reservations for wabi saturday night. oh yes.
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8:22 pm

buying that bottle of grey goose from target was way too much work. took, a grocery person, cutomer service, and a manager.

9:24 pm

why are networked printers such a pain in the ass with windows?
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10:38 pm

goin to bed. excited that i'll be unsober in chicago at this hour tomorrow.