Sunday, September 28, 2008

I took 27 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Windsor Heights, Iowa.

12:19 am

poop is coming out
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12:34 am

someone give me a doobie!

11:27 am

wakin up. bout to slam a dewsk.

3:00 pm

at waterfront for sushi class, weeeee. we got a free knife and rolling mat
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3:21 pm

Yamamotoyama Sushinori

3:27 pm

Wasabi Used at Waterfront

3:29 pm

La - and a slab of salmon

3:31 pm

Cutting off the blood line and skin.

3:42 pm

A small slab of Tuna

3:59 pm

Proper Way to Add Rice to Nori

4:00 pm

Spreading Rice Onto Nori

4:04 pm

Folding a California Roll

4:04 pm

Folding a California Roll

4:17 pm

Making Rolls

4:21 pm

Making Rolls

4:30 pm

Bill Vanzante!

4:32 pm

"is that a california roll or are you just happy sashimi?" -bill vanzante

4:37 pm


4:51 pm

The Rolls Kari, Jeff, Teresa and I made, ha.

4:51 pm

"I would take him to war with me"

4:58 pm

this is definitely a good way to spend a sunday... worth every penny. drinks are flowing.

5:00 pm

Adding Rice Vinegar

5:06 pm

Chuck Norris Rolls - Pre Tempura

5:07 pm

Frying the Chuck Norris Roll

5:35 pm

He spiraled that cucumber all the way to the seeds, then made a fancy roll out of it.

5:51 pm

La making us dinner

5:52 pm

Sushi - and Bill Vanzante

5:55 pm

the amount of sushi we are about to eat is completely out of control.

5:56 pm

La making us sushi

5:58 pm

Flying Fish Roe.

5:59 pm

A big platter of sushi

6:00 pm

A whole mess of sushi
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6:05 pm

Cucumber/Roe Roll.

6:12 pm

fyi, waterfront gets fresh fish flown in on tuesday and thursday

6:50 pm

at 801 for drinks

7:33 pm

Dessert at 801 Grand

8:10 pm

@harper sigur ros makes me want to cry - even thought i have no idea wtf theyre saying
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8:54 pm

nice fall night. cao mx2 on the back porch with wifey
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10:11 pm

that cigar has me so messed up right now. crazy.