Saturday, September 27, 2008

I took 22 photos and wrote 13 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and Des Moines, Iowa.

1:49 pm

goin to pick up jeff at the airport

3:44 pm

running around gettin stuff for the beer boil.

5:29 pm

couldnt find a high output propane regulator, sad. doing another partial boil. making a porter!

5:35 pm

Gulden Draak with weird gel-like chunks in it, wtf?

5:42 pm

aww man. just opened a huge bottle of gulden draak and it has weird gel-like chunks in it. ive never seen this before. maybe it's bad???

5:49 pm

You gotta drink beer when you make beer.

6:02 pm

Kari likes to dress fancy when we make beer

6:09 pm

Chilling the Wort

6:58 pm

finishing up the homebrew. probably be at oktoberfest around 8ish. see you guys there?

8:44 pm

spaten in hand

8:49 pm

oktoberfest is out of food, wtf. all you can get is a hamburger
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8:53 pm

At Oktoberfest

8:53 pm

Band at Oktoberfest

8:58 pm

Beer Wench Constest

8:59 pm

Beer Wench Contest

9:10 pm

one of the beer wench girls just got her boob out, haha

9:12 pm

At Oktoberfest

9:19 pm

I am bad at self portraits

9:21 pm

Todd and Reina

9:21 pm

Wet Beer Gut Contest

9:28 pm

Footlongs are german at Principal Park

9:45 pm

@vw awesome. i'm glad you liked it

10:31 pm

Teresa Found German Potatoes. They were awesome.

10:31 pm

i wish soooo bad i could burp right now.
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10:35 pm

this polka band is right on with the bockfest polka band. just requested ring of fire, theyre about to play it.

10:38 pm

At Oktoberfest

10:43 pm

Teresa and Jeff

10:49 pm

At Oktoberfest

10:57 pm


10:58 pm

A "shot" of whiskey

11:20 pm

At Oktoberfest

11:26 pm

oktoberfest at principal park is lame as shit. i mean, we're havin fun, but it needs to go back to hessen haus.

11:41 pm

Jeff on a table, ha

11:42 pm

Dancing on a table.
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11:59 pm

had a hard time stealing tappers. headin home i spose.