September 27, 2008

I posted 1 photo album, took 22 photos, and wrote 13 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and Des Moines.

MSI at Val Air
goin to pick up jeff at the airport
running around gettin stuff for the beer boil.
couldnt find a high output propane regulator, sad. doing another partial boil. making a porter!
aww man. just opened a huge bottle of gulden draak and it has weird gel-like chunks in it. ive never seen this before. maybe it's bad???
finishing up the homebrew. probably be at oktoberfest around 8ish. see you guys there?
spaten in hand
oktoberfest is out of food, wtf. all you can get is a hamburger 1 comment
one of the beer wench girls just got her boob out, haha 2 comments
@vw awesome. i'm glad you liked it
i wish soooo bad i could burp right now. 1 comment
this polka band is right on with the bockfest polka band. just requested ring of fire, theyre about to play it.
oktoberfest at principal park is lame as shit. i mean, we're havin fun, but it needs to go back to hessen haus.
had a hard time stealing tappers. headin home i spose.

Listened to

Pink Floyd, Bloc Party, TV on the Radio, and Ethel Merman