September 17, 2008

I wrote 15 microblogs.

fighter jets!!!!
i am apparently a registered voter, weird. i wonder how that happened.
@KevinSwitzer productive day, huh? 1 comment
@ToeB1 i think some of us are hitting up OC Ankeny tonight 1 comment
king and i thai with nathan. jungle curry!
my phone takes longer to boot than my computer does.
just got the new google maps app, it's awesome. google streetview on my phone? ftw!
leavin work, goin to get dinner at gateway market for vicki's bday
eating and listening to music by the pond at gateway market, west des moines.
meetin my people at the OCA
driving at night, windows down, music blaring, perfect weather. takes me back, ha
@vw so wtf did you get subtle mcsubtleton? i'm biting, you inconspicuous punk 1 comment
i'm a twitter shitter! 2 comments
@ricolarson it's soft
drinking beer would be a lot more comfortable if i could just burp.

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