Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wrote 15 microblogs.

9:19 am

fighter jets!!!!

11:05 am

i am apparently a registered voter, weird. i wonder how that happened.

12:05 pm

@KevinSwitzer productive day, huh?
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12:35 pm

@ToeB1 i think some of us are hitting up OC Ankeny tonight
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1:21 pm

king and i thai with nathan. jungle curry!

3:32 pm

my phone takes longer to boot than my computer does.

3:40 pm

just got the new google maps app, it's awesome. google streetview on my phone? ftw!

6:11 pm

leavin work, goin to get dinner at gateway market for vicki's bday

7:38 pm

eating and listening to music by the pond at gateway market, west des moines.

8:34 pm

meetin my people at the OCA

9:02 pm

driving at night, windows down, music blaring, perfect weather. takes me back, ha

9:43 pm

@vw so wtf did you get subtle mcsubtleton? i'm biting, you inconspicuous punk
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10:54 pm

i'm a twitter shitter!

11:04 pm

@ricolarson it's soft

11:09 pm

drinking beer would be a lot more comfortable if i could just burp.