Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I wrote 14 microblogs.

8:10 am

wakin up is pretty rough today and i'm not sure why
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9:16 am

the google streetview guy is carrying balloons and wearing a party hat today

9:41 am

working, sort of keeping an eye on the t-mobile/htc/android announcement

10:20 am

man, do i get the t-mobile g1 only 5 months after i bought my blackberry curve? seems wasteful, but also totally reasonable.
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10:32 am

my friend todd says: Business/Wall Street Types: BlackBerry. General Public/Cool People: iPhone. Geeks and the Chinese: Android

1:07 pm

lunch at francies.

1:45 pm

@kevinswitzer that is normal. stfu about the g1 for a second. sit the next couple rounds out. take a breather.

2:53 pm

i have spoken to a lot of phone retards today.

3:24 pm

some dude just came into our office and sang "you are my sunshine" and tried to sell us sea shell sun catchers
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4:20 pm

a lep is a ball, a korf is a tiger, a pillot is a shoe, and a tay is a hammer.

5:43 pm

at OC with diverse.

7:56 pm

havin a chimay, working on pics and web stuff.

8:33 pm

updating airport extreme firmware is way too easy. i dont even think there was a blip in connectivity. neat

11:32 pm

footloose and dirty dancing are awful movies. my laptop is the only thing that saved me this evening.