Friday, April 10, 2009

I took 2 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Des Moines, Iowa.

8:49 am

whew, my google docs came back. that was scary.

11:36 am

writin much code for our 3:05 code freeze.... listening to the justice xmas mix. forgot how good this was.

2:32 pm

just ordered kari and i's #GDP tickets for saturday... and i saved us a whopping $3.70 by ordering through!

5:33 pm

whew. finally done with work. headin downstairs for a much needed cubs old style.

7:07 pm

home to pick up wifey then off to the iowa energy game.
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7:59 pm

Iowa Energy Game

8:14 pm

Girls gone Wild Bus in Des Moines

8:50 pm

we just had a bjork timeout. it was awesome.

9:08 pm

@whippletren yer mom? ohhhhhhhhh

9:36 pm

at court ave brewery. i forgot about the brew years eve speakeasy. everyone is real fancy.

10:29 pm

chuck's playin the forks!

11:00 pm

at AKs downtown. cool place

11:36 pm

at malleyus. wea®ingf natjans easton natÞkinf floves

11:59 pm

took nathan's batting gloves off. now i can type - and i'm at stix