Saturday, April 25, 2009

I took 29 photos and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:29 am

hanging out at jon and elizabeth's

9:55 am

awake in chicago with 0 plans. pretty nice.

11:52 am

Cleaning up the front yard

12:22 pm


12:32 pm

James Walking up to Jon and Elizabeth's

12:35 pm

Harlow on Kari's Head

12:36 pm

Hanging out

12:54 pm

Walking to Moonshine

12:58 pm

meetin henson for lunch at moonshine

1:54 pm

Lunch at Moonshine

2:10 pm

I was kinda hopin this lamborghini dude would get towed.
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2:33 pm

is there a way to sync 2 computers' itunes with your apple tv?

4:24 pm

hanging out at jon's. rain and beer are keeping us from playing with fast cars.

4:44 pm

One of Jon's Snakes

4:44 pm

Snake Reflection

5:02 pm

They got poured on

5:08 pm

Kari bought me some amazing 80s pants

5:14 pm

Hanging out at Jon's

5:16 pm

Liz deemed my outfit, "Polaroid status"

5:26 pm

kari found me a treasure. a treasure made of pants. you cant even imagine.

6:48 pm

i am really into this new eminem - 3am track.

7:10 pm

Chicago got shorter

7:24 pm

headin to dinner at the chicago firehouse.

7:58 pm

At The Chicago Firehouse

7:58 pm

Manuel, Daniel, and James

7:58 pm

Teresa and Jeff

7:58 pm

James and Joyce

7:59 pm

Me and Kari

7:59 pm

Dinner at The Chicago Firehouse

8:00 pm

Elizabeth and Jon

8:27 pm

Teresa got a martini!

9:39 pm

Deciding on desert.

9:48 pm

Glass of Port

10:15 pm

Too late, I'm already in!

11:13 pm

"you have taken attention deficit disorder to a new level" -jeff, about me

11:35 pm

This wasn't what I was going for, but I like it anyway

11:36 pm

Smokin Cigars on Jon's Patio

11:37 pm

It's chit!