Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I took 5 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in West des Moines, Ankeny, and Swanwood, Iowa.

9:55 am

pretty hilarious that it's 10am and i am still the only person at the office, haha.

1:00 pm

trying to figure out wtf "cocktail attire" is. i mean, i usually just wear jeans and a T when i have cocktails.

1:29 pm

Lunch at andoor with wifey. Awesome.

3:34 pm

updating my cinema display at work. yesssss.

4:01 pm

put together, the "Java in a Nutshell" and "DNS and Bind" books boost this 20" cinema display to perfect 20" imac height

5:15 pm

Finally got a widescreen cinema display
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5:16 pm

Kari is better at Wii Bowling than I am

5:23 pm

there's a lady walking around the junc wearing what i can only assume to be a swine flu mask
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7:38 pm

kari: "these are things i want you to do with me: go to the store, get wine, macaroni, and stuff to make cookies. then i want to play wii"

8:05 pm

they have pepsi throwback at target. just bought a bunch, woooooo

10:00 pm

turning on the wii for the first time in literally months

10:28 pm

Kari getting worse, and I got a turkey in the 10th!

10:28 pm

Even when she sucks she beats me.

10:43 pm

mh and michael jackson are bowling on the lane next to us
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10:46 pm

Foggy drive to work.