Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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8:19 am

getting ready. today's plan is to work and then do anything else that doesn't involve wings or beer.
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8:56 am

pad thai and dewski - breakfast of champions

12:55 pm

thinking about making my summer wardrobe consist entirely of random basketball jerseys...
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3:02 pm

i hope my gdp pics turned out better than dan hodges's metromix pics.
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5:23 pm

that was a really productive day. awesome. heading home.

6:38 pm

returning my 3 fancy arborvitaes that died. i hate spending time and money on plants.

6:42 pm

mike from home depot tells me my plants died from lack of moisture, hahaha. they were planted in a freaking swamp.
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9:44 pm

what do yall use to rip/copy DVDs on a mac? handbrake? errrr?
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10:24 pm

playin macs at diverse's place. there are way too many in this room.