Monday, April 6, 2009

I wrote 10 microblogs.

8:56 am

just used a dustpan to scrape the snow and ice off my truck. headin to work

1:36 pm

quick lunch at subway. lots of work to do today.

2:40 pm

@djdiverse check out tweetie, i've heard good things.
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4:30 pm

headin home so i can DD my GF and her BFs to NKOTB. WTF.

5:45 pm

back to the office for a bit, then off to the dsmwebgeeks meetup.
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8:34 pm

this security dude keeps saying taint. i am not mature.

8:48 pm

wtf. i forgot to eat dinner. mac n cheese to the rescue!

9:11 pm

nick's here for a beer. talked rico into comin too, yesss.

9:39 pm

too cold to smoke outside. havin cigars in the garage.

10:44 pm

headin back downtown to pick up the girls