Monday, April 13, 2009

I took 2 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Ankeny, Iowa.

7:52 am

huh, instead of laying awake thinking about code all night, i actually dreamt code - way more productive... and ridiculously dorky

2:14 pm

heading to bww with bob and todd - cubs game.
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2:29 pm

@djdiverse west side.

3:35 pm

bob (drinking coors light) calls dark beer "foofoo beer" it baffles me.

3:50 pm

@kevinswitzer that is amazing. too bad the pic is not of a ground squirrel though, haha.

4:47 pm

where is a good place to get a steak in chicago? for a friend's birthday dinner.
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6:20 pm

welp, done with lunch. cubs win.

7:32 pm

at the other bww with nathan, ando, and chuck, hahaha.

9:16 pm

kari's cleaning out closets. just rushed home to make sure she doesn't throw all my shit away.

9:53 pm

omg. i just found my next party shorts. kari's old cutoffs - talk about a killer moose knuckle.

10:00 pm

A ton of old cologne, etc
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10:20 pm

my closet cleaning rule - if it's funny - keep it.

10:35 pm

Ecko, Colorado Avalanche, Riverdale Rams and Pioneer hats. The fitted ones no longer fit due to sweat, ha.

10:44 pm

kari just tried to throw away a hat from an ex-bf. definitely my hat.