Saturday, April 18, 2009

I took 50 photos and wrote 11 microblogs. I was in Urbandale and Ames, Iowa.

12:33 am

it's awesome to back my alarm up an hour and a half for a saturday.
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6:05 am

awake. and so starts my 13 hour broomball day... i really wish i was at the cubs game again this year.
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7:42 am

Omaha vs. Kelly Lake

7:42 am

Mercy Ruled.

7:46 am

Good Game. Good Game. Good Game. Good Game. Good Game.
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7:53 am


7:58 am

Some Awesome Flannel Jerseys

7:58 am

Lumberjack Broomball

7:59 am

The Lumberjacks co-rec team

8:01 am

there is a team here called the lumberjacks. their jerseys are flannels - with numbers on the back.

8:05 am

Flannel Jersey Breakaway

8:10 am

Lumberjacks v.s. Superior Machine

10:00 am

Ice Monkeys vs. Superior Machine

10:03 am

Ice Monkeys vs. Superior Machine

10:06 am

Superior Machine bringing the ball up

10:13 am

I hope to not see another one of these for a while

10:17 am

Ice Monkeys Bench

10:18 am

Superior Machine Taking a Shot

10:25 am


10:45 am

awesome. i cant attend to a work emergency cause i am running the clock at this tournament.
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10:53 am

Taking a shot

10:53 am

Taking a shot

11:15 am

Lumberjack Goalie

11:20 am

Lumberjacks coming up the ice

11:21 am

Lumberjacks moving up the ice

11:23 am


11:25 am

Trent - probably screwing up
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11:29 am

Robot Dance Break

11:29 am

Taking a shot against Mandy

11:29 am

Kelly Lake always wins because they can fly

11:31 am

Mandy taking it in the face

11:35 am

Kelley Lake with the ball

11:35 am

Taking a shot

11:37 am

first game off all day - taken photos

11:53 am

This is drawn on the glass in one of the score booths

12:28 pm


12:39 pm

Old National

1:10 pm

finally got time to go grab some lunch. jimmy johns - then playing again at 1:50

3:06 pm

welp, we got mercied twice. and this glass of 312 tastes awesome.

5:19 pm

trent and i are absolutley horrible at running the clock and keeping score, haha. we've been getting yelled at all day.
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7:01 pm

i have no idea what veishea is, but i'm about to roll up there with @djdiverse and @germanation

8:56 pm

sittin on a patio right now watchin for the superdog guy.

9:12 pm


9:27 pm

Ames Police Wagon

9:51 pm

Fancy Lit up tables

9:58 pm

just had my first superdog - amazing. back at element starting to party. awesome.

10:00 pm

Gettin started

10:29 pm

Diverse at Club Element

10:29 pm


10:48 pm

Some chick who wanted a pic
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10:54 pm


11:11 pm

German Dancing

11:26 pm

German and the Peace Dress Chick
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11:34 pm

Diverse's Friends

11:35 pm

Shots coming

11:37 pm

German Dancing

11:37 pm

Gettin Hot

11:37 pm

The club owner running lights and videos,ha

11:42 pm

German Dancing

11:47 pm

Some chick dancing by the booth

11:53 pm

Diverse, German and I