Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I took 1 photo and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Swanwood, Iowa.

9:54 am

i hate when i reach for another drink of dewski and my bottle is empty. you'd think 24oz would be enough.

11:12 am

i really need parallels and xp on my work machine.

3:20 pm

modeling a race schedule/results tracking tool. todd is schooling me with his infinite NASCAR knowledge. hick rails progammers? wtf.

5:01 pm

runnin home to get the house ready for another showing

5:15 pm

Poor sti. slid into a wall?

7:29 pm

catching up on internet happenings. the past week has been crazy, crazy.

7:58 pm

so theres rumors of tmobile 3g coming to dsm this june. and there's also rumors of a new iphone this summer. wonder if they'll be compatible

8:13 pm

ate too much dinner, goin out to skate around

9:05 pm

so, diverse is a much better skater than i am... but i landed a handful of ollies i guess, haha. BAMF