Sunday, April 26, 2009

I took 17 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:02 am

Popping the hood

12:04 am

Jon's RX7

12:08 am

Tree on a Yellow Sky

1:10 am

about to enter dark room with tag, jon, and manuel. waitin on jeff!

1:14 am

Waitress Station. Do Not Order Drinks Here!

1:34 am

Jon and Manuel

1:34 am

Jojo. I mean, Yoyo. I mean Tag

1:45 am

Manuel, Tag, and I at Dark Room

1:54 am

"harper! where is harper?"

2:04 am

Greg, Tag, and Jon at Dark Room

2:19 am

I wonder what his yard used to look like.

2:21 am

Hanging out in doorways while it rains

2:32 am

at flat iron with jon and tag. cool place

2:33 am

Nude Art at Flat Iron
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2:58 am

Weird Hand/Face Art at Flat Iron

3:25 am

Art at Flat Iron

3:42 am

At Flat Iron

3:56 am

Not Sober at Flash Taco

3:56 am

I want those skeleton dudes. Especially the cigar/dog one.

4:18 am

flash taco! in jon's kitchen

4:34 am

just got asked to set my alarm for 8:30 breakfast. thats gonna come early.

10:34 am

mmm, breakfast. i want my bed.

11:21 am

Family at Joyce's Place

12:12 pm

headin home. apparently there's a photo of my drivers license printed out on every single checkout lane at the brass armadillo. wtf.

6:56 pm

back in ankeny after a great chicago weekend with friends and fam.

7:07 pm

Kari just opened the tailgate and exploded the fancy beer we brought back from chicago. all over the garage floor. what a waste!

10:41 pm

got some pics up from the weekend. super tired. hitting the sack.