Friday, April 24, 2009

I wrote 10 microblogs.

7:55 am

workin early from home. tryin to get a lot done so i can get to chicago to pick wifey up from the airport.

11:33 am

woop, got a lot done this morning. getting ready to head to chicago.

2:43 pm

sittin in marion... waiting for the bus to leave for chicago.
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3:31 pm

@aeongrey no. ridin with kari;s parents in the minivan.

3:44 pm

hmmm. there's an accident on i80 east stopping traffic. anyone know where?

3:47 pm

@coralvillepd thanks for the info!

5:23 pm

avg speed for the first half of this trip: 52.6mph. :(
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7:09 pm

stoppin at the naperville binny's to stock up on beer before we get to the city.

8:51 pm

left des moines over 9 hours ago. missed dinner with friends. still not to my destination. pissed.
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9:44 pm

whew. met friends for dinner a bit late. glad tag is running later. sushi! starving!