Thursday, April 2, 2009

I took 4 photos and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in West des Moines and Ankeny, Iowa.

11:10 am

excited that i finally got a dropbox account setup. that took me way too long.

12:05 pm

ealy lunch at hooters with todd and reina.

1:12 pm

Red Bull Cola

1:31 pm

crazy amount of sys admin today. i'm getting better at it.

6:40 pm

@germanation ive got a box and a few rails.

6:47 pm

finally getting my ipod synced up to my computer.

7:16 pm

just skateboarded around the neighborhhod for a bit. i have lost some balance and strength. scary. need to skate more!
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7:40 pm

ridin a go-ped up to diverse's to hang out for a bit. this neighbor stuff rules. yall should move to our block.
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7:59 pm

Diverse with a Kick Flip

8:00 pm

Diverse Skating
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9:37 pm

chillin with diverse, cooney, german, and red. listening to good music, makin a quick website for diverse.
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10:15 pm

Hanging out at Diverse and Red's place
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