Thursday, April 16, 2009

I wrote 9 microblogs.

8:20 am

it's a loud nofx morning.

11:26 am

wow, my saturday is quickly becoming a shat-urday. i made that word up just now.
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12:50 pm

meetin nathan for lunch at tandoor, yesssss.

3:06 pm

dag! just dusted off my old xpath skills, then found out that hpricot isn't strong enough to do what i need.
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3:37 pm

@harper yeah it is kinda fun to play around with again.

4:24 pm

haha. i just got owned. i spent half my day rewriting a chunk of an app because a service disappeared. this afternoon the service came back.

5:49 pm

thinkin it's about time to get these winter shoes off the truck.

8:44 pm

ridin dubs with a clean interior. feels like summer.

10:29 pm

havin a splash of hennessey, adding a new small piece of functionality onto my site, chatting with harper.