Sunday, April 19, 2009

I took 37 photos and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Ames, Iowa.

12:01 am


12:02 am

German running lights

12:02 am

Dude Dancing with His Girl

12:02 am

Alex and Caroline

12:04 am

German running lights

12:12 am

Chick dancing by the booth

12:18 am


12:18 am

One of Diverse's friends who I talked to for a long time - but didn't hear one word she said.

12:19 am

German and Friends

12:20 am

Tequila? wtf.

12:21 am

MC Diverse

12:28 am

Dude and Chicks

12:30 am

DJ Groupies!

12:31 am

MC Diverse

12:31 am

Partying at Element
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12:35 am


12:36 am

Partying at Element

12:36 am

German taking this chick to dance

12:37 am

German and Chick

12:37 am

Dude Dancing
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12:40 am


12:43 am

Dude and German's friend

12:44 am

Spilled on

12:46 am

A big necklace

12:48 am

German and his old GF

12:57 am

farkin forked! partyin fard!!!
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1:06 am

Spinning at Club Element

1:07 am

1:10 am

A firm grab

1:16 am

Diverse at Element

1:20 am

Dancing Girls

1:22 am

It's Champagne Time

1:24 am


1:28 am

All kinds of champagne

1:28 am

Dude and his girl

1:35 am

This pic is a mess, but I love it.

1:37 am

A girl that was hanging out

2:08 am

Diverse and an old buddy

3:18 am

you know what's awesome at 3am? veggie chicken wings. you know what's not awesome at 3am? having to play broomball in 5 hours.

8:27 am

im not sure mt dew is the best sports drink - but it's gonna have to do.
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9:47 am

oy. lost in double overtime. goin home for more sleep. then having a much more productive day that yesterday. excited.

12:51 pm

mac n cheese!!! then, mac n coding!!! haha. i am 100% satisfied with how dorky that just was.

7:27 pm

leaning tower of pizza is good stuff. workin on pics from the weekend.

11:07 pm

time for bed!!!